Electrical Power Engineering Department

Electrical Power Engineering Subjects

No.Semester ISemester II
1MyanmarEnglish for Communication II
2English for Communication ISocial Science
3Life SkillsOccupational Safety and Health
4Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
5Applied Physics IApplied Physics II
6Applied Chemistry IApplied Chemistry II
7Basic Electrical Drawing Engineering Mechanics
No.Semester ISemester II
1Technical EnglishProfessional English
2Laws and Guidelines Relating to Technology Ethics,Sustainable & Humanitarians
3Applied Mathematics IIINational Development Plans
4Engineering EconomicsApplied Mathematics IV
5Introduction to ICTEntrepreneurship Development and Project Management
6Principles of Electrical Engineering IEngineering Electromagnetics
7Principles of Electrical Engineering II
No.Semester ISemester II
1Applied Mathematics VApplied Mathematics VI
2Specialized Software ApplicationPower Electronics
3Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis-IElectrical Engineering Circuit Analysis-II
4Electrical Machines-IElectrical Machines-II
5Residential Electrical SystemPower System: Generation , Transmission and Distribution
No.Semester ISemester II
1Industrial Motor ControlElective I
2Power System ProtectionElective II
3Power System AnalysisElective III
4Industrial Electrical SystemFinal Project II (Individual Work)
5Final Project I (Group Work)
1U Zaw Myo AungM.E(EP)Assistant ProfessorEP
2Daw Tin Nway KhaingM.E(EP)LecturerEP
3Daw Moe KhinM.E(EP)LecturerEP
4Daw Su MyaingM.E(EP)LecturerEP
5Daw Wah Wah HlaingB.E(EP)TutorEP
6Daw Ei Ei HtweB.E(EP)TutorEP
7Daw Alinkar Myo HtutA.G.T.I(EP)EP