Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Subject

NoSemester ISemester II  
1MyanmarEnglish For Communication II
2English For Communication ISocial Science
3Life SkillsOccupational Safety and Health
4Applied Mathematics I

Applied Mathematics II
6Applied Chemistry IApplied Chemistry II
7Applied Physics IApplied Physics II
8Basic Engineering DrawingEngineering Mechanics
NoSemester 3Semester 4
1Techanical EnglishProfessional English
2Laws and Guidelines relating to TechnologyEthics, Sustainable & Humanitarinas
3Applied Mathematics IIINational Development Plans
4Introduction to ICTApplied Mathematics IV
5Machine DrawingEngineering Materials
6Basic Electrical & Electronics EngineeringWorkshop Technology
NoSemester 5Semester 6  
1Applied Mathematics VApplied Mathematics VI
2Specialized Software ApplicationEntrepreneurship Development & Project Manangement
3Engineering EconomicsInternal Combustion Engine
4Engineering Graphic and DesignProduction Technology
5Strength of MaterialsApplied Thermodynamics
6Engineering ThermodynamicsTheory of Machine
1Semester 7Semester 8  
2Automotive TechnologyMachine Design
3Dynamic of MachineIndustrial Engineering and Management
4Fluid MechanicElective II (Individual Work)
5Design of Machine Elements
6Elective I
7Final Project I (Group Work)

Mechanical Department

1Daw ZyunPhyuM.E(Mech)LecturerMech
2Daw Yu Yu MawB.E(Mech)QLecturerMech
3Daw Nyein Ei SanA.G.T.I(Mech)Mech